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Museum Relocation Announcement

Wandsworth Museum to Move to new Premises

dscf8955Wandsworth Museum is intending to move later this year to new premises, in order to improve the Museum’s accessibility to visitors and maximise its funding to best serve the community. As a result, the Museum closed to the public temporarily from 28 June, and will reopen as soon as possible after the move is complete. The Museum’s flagship programme of formal learning workshops for schools will continue in the current location on west Hill until December 2014.

The Museum’s Trustees are in talks with local organisations about the relocation and further details will be released in due course. The Museum Trustees believe that premises closer to one of the borough’s many busy shopping areas and transport hubs would now make a better location for continuing to further raise visitor numbers, as well as providing the basis for development of enhanced Museum services in the future. Wandsworth Council (which owns the Museum’s collection) and the Friends of Wandsworth Museum Committee are supportive of the relocation.  



De Morgan Centre closed from 29 June 2014 onwards due to upcoming museum relocation

 New Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering Opportunities